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Retail distribution of prepaid products and services, pay as you go products, prepaid
wireless, prepaid long distance, prepaid MasterCard, prepaid gift cards and loyalty cards

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Prepaid Products

Retail Business Owners and Managers can learn how to accept point
of sale pos payments in your retail business without experiencing consumer fraud against retailers thru credit card chargebacks when selling pre-paid products so your business doesn't lose money when selling products your company has already been paid for.

Prepaid Products
Pre-paid services and products offer convenience, simplicity and security for the consumer, with
new revenue streams and sales opportunities for your increased business stability!  Click Here to learn how Point of Banking processing is of great benefit to your retail business featuring increased profitability.

Distributors and Resellers selling pre paid services and products, this is the perfect companion product that enables your merchant to accept credit card payments and debit card payments safely through PIN based bank card processing.  Click Here for more information on this alternative payment processing business opportunity.
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