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Cashless Atms - Lipman Nurit 8100

The NEW Lipman Nurit 8100 Terminal
The Lipman Nurit 8100 Terminal is the next generation in a long line of quality products from Lipman. With a removable and field replaceable printer, the NURIT 8100 is easy to service and maintain. Featuring an ATM-like graphical display, and a high-speed modem, this terminal is not only one of the most user-friendly terminals on the market, it is also one of the fastest.

Specifically designed to meet the storage and security needs of today’s merchants, Lipman has created a terminal that supports the applications and memory requirements of the future. With the secure internal PIN pad, high security standards and extra storage capacity, the NURIT 8100 is equipped with 4MB of Flash Memory and 2 MB of RAM, making it the hottest performer on the market.

This new machine is exceptionally easy to use, and requires virtually no maintenance, making it the only choice when needing equipment that performs exceptionally well year after year.

The removable thermal printer provides easy load functionality and 15 lines per second printing capability. With the simple turn of a screw, the NURIT 8100’s thermal printer can be easily detached from the main unit. This means that in the unlikely case a repair to the printer is required, the ability to process transactions does not have to be compromised. Less downtime means more transactions. More transactions mean more revenue!

Designed to meet the demanding security requirements of the future, this sophisticated terminal offers an exceptionally high level of security, enabling secure transactions and well as secure downloads • Internal PINpad • DUKPT, Master/Session Key, Fixed Key • DES-3 Compliant • VISAPed Secure

We've put together the best package you can find anywhere for easy, profitable, and hassle free operation of your cashless atm. We warranty our machines for as long as you are processing through us, and we also provide paper supplies with FREE shipping.
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