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CASHLESS ATM Investment Opportunities!

Is Leasing ATM Equipment Right for your Business?
Learn More about Leasing before Making any Decisions.

Our Point of Banking packages are very reasonably price for a product that is going to be making money on each transaction and paying for itself with surcharge profits, added sales, and customer convenience.  Most merchants write a check when purchasing their package.

However, there are some financial benefits of leasing to own.  Because of this, some merchants are interested in leasing their equipment instead of paying for it upfront.

Here are a few reasons why leasing your
equipment may be right for your business:

 Leasing allows the equipment to pay for itself
With a simple fixed monthly payment, a lease allows you to consider the equipment as a contributing asset, therefore paying for equipment as it is being used.

 Conserves capital
Leasing can free capital that can be crucial for businesses when needed for increased inventory, marketing/advertising initiatives, payroll, or other expenses.

 Monthly payments are tax deductible
Making payments on your lease each month is a business expense that is able to be completely written off on your business income tax return. This helps decrease your overall tax liability for the year...ask your tax professional for details.

 Payments are conveniently ACH'd each month
All payments are deducted via Automatic Clearing House (direct debit) from your business checking account each month. This makes leasing completely hassle free!

 Most merchants are easily approved
Leasing offers a quick and simple approval process that is much simpler than a bank loan where the red tape can delay the application and decision.

Merchants can pay by Credit Card or Pay Pal!
                Lease Pricing (cost per month):
$29.95 - Point of Banking Package with Standard Counter-top Kiosk
$39.95 - POB Package with Custom Counter-top Kiosk (w/ Lit Topper)
$49.95 - POB Package with Custom Stand-up Kiosk (w/ Lit Topper)
               (Counter-top version, or with stand)

*Merchants may also pay by major credit card, or Pay Pal
(Merchant agrees to be legally liable for any credit card chargebacks)

Financing is only available to Merchants
Leasing companies won't offer leasing to investors who are placing terminals
without substantial collateral.  We do not offer any in house financing.

* All leases are 48 month, non-cancelable leases through a third party leasing company.
* All packages are complete including shipping - when package arrives, just Plug-N-Play.
* Leasing only available on Cashless Atm packages, regular Atms require pymt up front

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