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CASHLESS ATM Investment Opportunities!
POB Terminal
Your retail business doesn't have to
continue paying costly processing fees...

Discover How Easy it
Really is to Provide the
Convenience of ATM-like
Access for Your
Customers, and
Make Money
at the Same Time!
   Debit Cards are here to stay...
Almost all American households are now using debit cards on a regular basis.
Debit cards have already surpassed cash and checks as the primary form of
payment used for everyday retail purchases!   Are you taking advantage of this?
Just about any merchant you talk to these days agree that having an Atm is great for business because it enables customers to access their bank accounts without leaving the merchant's location, which leverages the impulse buying that all merchants count on for increased sales. Having an Atm machine in your retail location is just good business.

The problem with installing a traditional cash dispensing Atm machine is that it's not cost effective for most merchants. Even the least expensive machine will cost around $2000, and then there are the security concerns of loading the machine with your own cash, which further drives up the cost. Our packages are very reasonably priced and provide everything needed!

This is why Point of Banking (some people still refer to these as Cashless Atm Scrip Machines) have become so popular with thousands of merchants over the years. Our machines provide the same access that a traditional Atm provides, but at a fraction of the cost!

If you don't have enough foot traffic to warrant spending thousands of dollars on a traditional Atm machine, or you don't want the safety liabilities that these types of Atms bring on your business, here are several reasons why you should consider a Point of Banking machine for your retail location:

  • A Point of Banking machine is a safer alternative to a cash ATMs because you never have to load the machine with 2-5 thousand dollars in 20 dollar bills, tie up your cash flow, or worry about theft. The Point of Banking machine is of no interest to thieves, since it holds no cash.
  • A Point of Banking machine is more reliable than a cash ATM because it does not rely on a cash dispenser that gets jammed, it doesn't run out of money, or give out to much money.
  • A Point of Banking machine is better than cash ATM because your business insurance won't go up, and you won't have to pay for a dedicated phone line. Our Point of Banking machine dials up a toll free number using your existing phone line. Each Transaction takes only seconds.
  • Customers can request withdrawals less than $20.00, plus Point of Banking machines are safer, quicker, and do not charge customers for balance inquires.
  • If you already accept credit cards, you can greatly reduce the fees you're currently paying to use your credit card merchant account because many customers will use your Point of Banking terminal.
  • Point of Banking machines are customer activated before they come to your register, speeding up checkout times, which provides more convenience for your valued clientele.
  • Our machine accesses virtually every debit network in the U.S. and is DES-3 encrypted. This provides you with a much higher transaction success rate than other Point of Banking programs!
  • Profits made on every transaction pays for your machine quickly!

  • More Cash Not Needed!
    A common mis-conception of having a Point of Banking machine in a retail location is that the merchant has to have more cash in the register. Accepting receipts is the same as accepting $20 or $40, and making change which is something merchants are already doing. This eliminates the need for large amounts of cash.

    The merchant controls the amount of the surcharge, and the dollar amounts that customers can run transactions for, preventing customers from running a transaction for hundreds of dollars. There are no monthly minimums, or long term agreements either, like many programs out there.

    Our machines are warranted* for as long as you are processing with us. This provides peace of mind in the rare event your machine ever malfunctions. We also provide direct ACH deposits, signage, paper supplies, toll-free tech support, and monthly statements mailed to you for complete worry free operation that is un-matched in the cashless Atm industry!

    Drive thru, or lobby. It's your choice! Our machines can be set up with an attractive standup kiosk for lobby applications, or outfitted with an external PIN pad for drive thru applications. This enables you to place your machine anywhere in your business that you want. Our program provides everything you need for a highly profitable scrip program!

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