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Finding High-Traffic Locations for your ATM Machine

When looking for locations that work best for Atm Scrip machines, keep in mind that anywhere there is a retail location with a cash register that has a lot of people coming in & out, is potentially a good location for an Atm machine.

Also, you would want to look for locations that are on major streets or highways that have a large amount of traffic going by.  People appreciate the convenience of Atm machine access which allows them to gain access to thier money as they live their fast paced lives that so many of us live in these modern times.

Below is a list of potential locations to place Atm machines in.  This is not an exhaustive list, but will give you an idea about the types of places that an Atm machine would be able to be used a lot, and be able to potentially bring in many transactions every month.

Amusement Parks
Auction Houses
Auto Parts Stores
Auto Emissions Testing
Auto Oil Change
Auto State Inspections
Bagel Shops
Bingo Halls
Bowling Alleys
Car Washes
Check Cashing Stores/Locations
Coffee Shops
Convenience Stores
Department Stores
Donut Shops
Dry Cleaners
Farmers Markets
Fast Food Restaurants
Flea Markets
Fruit Markets
Gas Stations
Gentlemen's Clubs
Grocery Stores
Hair Salons
Liquor Stores
Magazine Stands/Stores
Massage Parlors
Movie Theaters
Nail Salons
News Stands/Stores
Non-Profit Organizations
Pizza Parlors
Rental Stores
Retail Stores
RV Resort Parks
Sandwich Shops
Sports Bars
Strip Clubs
Topless Bars
Tourist Areas
Vegetable Markets
VFW Halls
Video Gaming
Video Stores
Wrecker Company
(Impound Yards)

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