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CASHLESS ATM Investment Opportunities!

$100 Affiliate Program
Make Money Referring Merchants for Product Sales!

$100 Affiliate Program
Make $100 for each Merchant that Makes a Purchase

Our top Affiliate Referral Marketing Program
Makes it Easy to Earn Cash without Selling!

It's the best affiliate program for those that don't want to be directly involved in the sales process, but would still like to make some money making merchant referrals.  This is a free affiliate programs that is rarely found in any affiliate program directory or affiliate program directories.

Everyone does business with retail merchants that are accepting bankcard payments on a traditional credit card terminal which costs the merchant around 3% (usually higher than that for most merchants) of the cost of the sale, in processing fees.  This costs many merchants thousands of dollars a year!

Some merchants are even losing business by not accepting bankcards at all...

This program enables merchants to accept bankcards in their retail business at NO cost to them.  This is made possible by a convenience fee that the cardholder pays for the convenience of using their card.  Most consumers these days understand that they are paying a little extra for convenience so this arrangement is very profitable for many retail merchants.

POB Terminal
Participating in the referral program gives you the opportunity to not only make $100 for each referral that makes a purchase, but it also provides the opportunity to get out and talk to merchants in your area to help you learn more about the card service industry and find out if it's right for you.
Once you get involved, you can always sign up later (at no cost) to become a Distributor.

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